Server on Cerberus and PC client

Hi! I am from Russia and do not speak English, I’m sorry.

I have FEZ Cerberus kit. My job is to write a program that will receive and store on SD information from the client to the PC .

Tell me where to start? I am using 4.3 and VS2013 :slight_smile:

The language problem is hard to overcome, I know, but we are going to need a bit more information about the problem you are trying to solve…

What kind information are you receiving?
Where are you receiving it from? sensor data? data from the PC? data from a network?
Where does the information need to go? That is, who/what is consuming the data?

Basically, tell us more about what is coming in, what you need to store and where it needs to go.

And, we will probably need you to ask specific questions like “How do I write to the SD card?” “How do send data over the network?” and so on. Please be as specific as you can and we will be as helpful as we can. You have found a very good community here.

I apologize for the vague details :slight_smile:

  1. My PC is connected via Ethernet to my Cerberus. Ethernet ENC28 module. I wrote an example of leadership. PC pings Cerberus from cmd. Everything works.

  2. The data from the PC. That is on the PC must be a client that sends files . FILE chooses PC user . Data is jpeg files .

  3. Previously, I wrote a simple example to preserve the data on the card . Everything turned out . The problem is now to write an application on the client PC and the interaction Cerberus server

That is, how to write a server for Cerberus, which is expected to connect ?
Once connected, take and save the file . After that, it will forward the file back to the PC.

What do you have so far?

Take a look at this codeshare. It is old, but the idea is there.

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