Serial with Brainpad and MakeCode Arcade?

Hello GHI, did you ever get ‘serial’ working with MakeCode Arcade and BrainPad? I saw a question about it on MakeCode Forum Arcade and just wondered what the status is ? Thanks

Not really but by the way have joined the insider program from the new BrainPad? You are surely one of the people that qualify.

I have not joined the insider program as yet for BP. You will see on our YouTube channel that we are near back to normal with coding meet-ups since the virus stalled our work. My family in Michigan, on the other hand is quite distressed with the situation there, scrambling to get vaccinated. I hold you and yours and the GHI team in my thoughts and prayers now. On a hopeful note: We really, really , would like the non-patented Kittenbot SD Wireless chip to be bluetooth enabled in the USA. My cell phone recognizes it as BLE device but without app. will not connect and “app. is not available in your country.” So I think it must work in SOME country; China? , ; that is the message that I get when applying for the app. Could BrainPad Arcade have an add - on slot for the SD Wireless chip and BLE enabled ? That would be great !
Our current channel:

We are focused on USB based work that we can answer. I can’t speak for China but reading their docs are always fun!

As for what GHI Elec. has in the making, you will have to join the find out.

Thanks for the prayers by the way, we need it :slight_smile: