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Serial Servo Motor Controller USB Driver CD?


hey all, i am working on a project that needs to use the Serial Servo Motor Controller i bought on this site. the problem is that i need to start by controlling it via USB (using a pc) but the USB cable that goes between the pc usb and the Serial Servo Motor Controller needs a driver CD in order to work and mine didnt come with one. the documentation for it is here:

any ideas?

the project is a headtracker using a wii controller and IR LED’s, it will initially use a computer to listen to the bluetooth, but after all the kinks are worked out i will be using the fez domino.



You shouldn’t need the PC if you are controlling the board from FEZ but the drivers are from FTDI I believe


well i want to work on the perfecting the listening to the wii controller (done) and matching the servo position to the head position (working on it) all via the pc first. thanks for the quick reply though gus. the drivers are actually available for anyone else who want to use that usb cable that comes with the servo controller. the driver for xp and vista is here:

i tested it on an xp machine only though, fyi. maybe you guys should add the drivers to your product page? since the cable comes in the box.


thats my video showing the Wii headtracking. i made it control the scrolling up/down/left/right on a google map via headtracking LED IR’s.


Looks good!