Serial port communication

I am having some problem during the communication between my pc and emx module via serial port. Can anyone help me with the steps that I should follow to connect the module’s serial port to that of my pc?
Thanx in advance.

Do you have a serial to USB connector, or are you trying to connect directly to a DB9 connector on your PC? Please tell us a bit more information about your setup and we’ll see how we can assist!

Thanx for your reply Brett.
I am using a DB9 connector on my PC and using USB as the power source in the module.

ok, a PC port using a DB9 means you still need an RS232 level shifter. As far as I know, the Cobra doesn’t come with a level shifter onboard (max232 or similar). And most modern PCs are unlikely to work on a TTL level signal wired directly into the DB9.

Two options I can see.

First, use a RS232 level shifter connected to the Cobra/EMX UART pins, to get you a DB9-ready signal. Then cable the outputs of the RS232 shifter to the appropriate pins on a DB9 plug.

Second, avoid that and get a USB to TTL serial module, and connect the UART outputs to the USB serial module’s inputs, and ignore the DB9

Third option came to mind. Use the USB cable you’re already using for power and deployment and debug to include a serial stream. See USBC_CDC in the GHI libraries for information about this.

Thanx Brett…