Serial LCD Problem


I have a problem with the Serial LCD.
I connected it on a Di5 FEZ Connect Shield and I test with the Official Driver but when I start the test, He write other charactere.

Some body have the same problem ?

Thank you !


Can you show your test code?

It’s the same to the exemple in Driver

            // Create SerialLCD object assigned to the on Serial LCD connected to Di5
            FEZ_Components.SerialLCD myLCD = new FEZ_Components.SerialLCD(FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di5);
            // Print out
            myLCD.Print("FEZ is here!");
            // Move the cursor to the second row and the forth column
            myLCD.SetCursor(1, 3);
            //Print our at the new position.
            myLCD.Print("Hello World");
            // Move the cursor home
            // Clear the screen

            for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)// This loop prints out A,B,C,..etc in the same position on screen
                // Print out a single character
                myLCD.PutC((char)('A' + i));
                // Move the cursor left by one character.

Thanks, and what do you actually get on the display?

In final, there are an “X” but before, they are many specials characters. (for exemple, a ‘X’ with a ‘-’ on the top)

Thank you for you help !

There are jumpers on the display that need to be set correctly as explained here


It’s work now ! Thank you very much.
I start and and don’t read anywhere.