Serial debugging on Fez Panda II

Hello !

I’m trying USB Host on my Fez Panda II, and to achieve that, I need to set Serial debugging.

So I’ve put the MOD pin to ground with a little strap, and I’ve wired COM1 IN and OUT pins to a DB9 Header (pins 3 & 2). I’ve plugged the db9 on a RS232 <-> USB standard cable, and put all that on my computer.

But I can’t ping the card. All is running well when using USB, but with serial mode, i’ve got always an error message in MFDeploy.

Do I have to use a TTL/RS232 level converter between the RS<->USB cable and the Fez card ?

Or do I missed something ?

Thanks for your help

Yes panda uart levels are TTL.

And welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I recommend that you use this USB to Serial eblock if you got FEZ Connect.
This will make it a piece of cake to accessing serial debugging interface.

Thanks Gus & Joe !

I’ll try that