Serial comm between panda ii and g120hdr


I would like to connect my Panda II with my G120HDR and do serial comm between then. The Panda will be slave and the G120HDR will be master.
My question is how to wired them together. I have seen that I can use P0.3 and P0.2 for COM1 (G120) but that’s it. So I need the exact connection on both


This document should help you determine the pins to use on the Panda II.

There are three wires required; TX(output), RX(input) and ground.

The TX of each board should be connected to the RX of the other. Just connect the grounds to each other.

Great! that`s what I was looking for specialy the ground pin, I was not sure if I have to connected.
What is the best practice to connect the wires on each side specialy on the G120HDR (witout welding) I think that on the panda I can find connector for that

On the Panda II side you can insert a solid wire into the header. On the G120HDr side you are going to have solder the wire directly or solder in a header.