Serial camera get image

I’ve installed .net micro framework 4.3 . But, I can’t see

also instead of serCam.newImageReady, I have :


which always return FALSE !!!!
all of them are stated in this topic:

What is the problem?

@ Ehsan Ansari - In a new Gadgeteer project, can you try this example: ?

@ John -
No, I could not run that test in a new project. the problem is that the method of getImage is not even defined and accessible in my example…

@ andre.m -
On that thread discussions were not exactly close to my question. and it was a long time that the topic was not updated.
If it is opposite to your policy that a question asked more than one time, I apologize…

@ Ehsan Ansari - If that code does not run, something did not get installed properly. I would uninstall everything related to our SDK and reinstall following the steps on .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics

Thanks everybody!
problem is solved. it was just about update project properties to version 4.3…