SerCam L2 Schematic

Cant find the L2 cam schematic on the product page download, I only get this message

We’re sorry, but /downloads/Gadgeteer/Module/Serial%20Camera%20L2%20sch.pdf could not be found.

Can somebody point me in the right direction.

The link is there by an error. We will remove it. Schematics are not available but pinout is found in gadgeteer socket type U

@ Gus- Thanks! The reason I asked, when I connect it to socket 2 (U) on my ArgonR1, it fails to reset and just does’nt want to play anymore. Maybe I need to talk to Love Electronics.

You can and we are willing to test if they send us an argon board.

@ Gus - Would I be correct saying that raw video is available on pin 3?

I think we did connect it but this is secret feature and it is not supported.

no that would be wrong - there’s no “raw” video on this at all.

This camera is a UART camera. You need RX, TX, power (3v3 and/or 5v) and GND lines at a minimum.

Grab the driver source and look at what it’s doing. You’ll probably find it sends a command over UART to take a picture and gets back a jpg stream, and that might be the closest thing to “raw” as you’ll get, but “video” it won’t be…

Edit: oh, secret unsupported stuff… nice.

As it’s a secret I will turn my scope off and say no more… mines outputting PAL…oooops.