serCam L1 does not work in VGA

I’m using a Sercam L1 and a mountaineer eth. I would like to have a type definition VGA but I have problems with exceptions “OutOfMemory”. someone can 'give me any suggestions?

 void serCam_StartDataCaptured(SerCam sender, int sizeImage)
                index = 0;
            datajpg = new byte[sizeImage];
            Debug.Print("Image size to capture: " + sizeImage);
            catch (OutOfMemoryException e)
                Debug.Print("Memoria piena: " + e.ToString());

stops on

datajpg = new byte [sizeImage];


OK andre.m,
you can show me how to proceed to the pic in chunks.

I have to capture the image (. bmp) and send it to the browser.

I suspect that the only way you can achieve this on such a restricted memory device is to re-write most of the serial camera driver and handle data in chunks there. But I would be first telling you to move to a smaller resolution and then think seriously if you really want to do what you’re attempting to on this device, and perhaps look at a G120 or G400 based device that has much more memory