Sensors not working Variable Resistors, Touch LCD, Temperature Sensor

Hi There,

Please can anyone help me with this issue.

I can run all Leds and button sample programes, but i’m unable to run Touch LCD, Variable Resistor, Temprature sensors, sample codes provided etc.

I have noticed that when i include reference to GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware; my programs don’t run, i get message program compiling, deploying, success-full etc.

I have Fez Ultimate Kit (Panda II).

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When you submitted this question, you saw this image below :slight_smile:

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Thanks lads got this sorted. Firmware update :slight_smile:

If Gus was sent a $1 every time he cured a problem, by suggesting a firmware updated, Bill Gates would be jealous.

But one must wonder if shipping boards with old firmware is also a strategy for forcing users to find the forums… :wink:

I suspect that the firmware is either flashed at the place assembling the boards or by GHI when a batch arrives.

It would be expensive to re-flash the boards a second time. I rather have GHI working on new software features than re-flashing boards.

Everyone has to learn how to load new software sooner or later.

The alternative is to ship without firmware.

That really was my point more than a dig on GHI.

I really appreciate all the engineer and web masters of GHI. you guys have done excellent job. I really like electronics . i have done some work on aurdino and c/c++ but its hard to find electronics which can work together with .net only few good ones are available on the market.
GHI has made things very simple, you have a rang of kits which work with .net , your code wiki and support is excellent, also website is very simple and easy to find things.

Thanks for the kind words. We look forward to see your inventions :slight_smile: