Send WhatsApp messages

Hi, Does anyone have a simple sample for sending messages on WhatsApp.
I guess it should be using websockets?

I don’t have an example that I can offer publicly. But it’s a POST transaction with a lot of setup required first on the Meta dashboards and with limitations on what you can do until you open a paid business account with Meta. There are also some web-hook bits that might be more appropriate to deal with within a cloud service. See: Get Started - Cloud API - Documentation - Meta for Developers

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I find it very interesting how WhatsApp is on every phone internationally but most of the people I know in the USA don’t use it, or have never heard of it!!

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This might help. WhatsApp with Nodered

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Thanks Dave.
Internally Node-RED seems to be using
It seems to be the one I could use :slight_smile:

I found the same thing when I came to Brazil. Nobody in Australia was using it, but in Brazil it was ubiquitous. Probably a natural monopoly due to the network effect, once it started to gain a foothold everyone had to use it or miss out.

In Australia (and probably the US) Skype was popular and probably occupied the same niche for free calling, but then Microsoft bought it and killed it (why do tjhey keep doing that?) giving room for WhatsApp to move into the space

Me too…

We are going to Italy this fall, and the AirBnB hosts and a friend we are visiting requested that we use WhatsApp.

We just got back from 2 weeks in Italy. Picked up a TIM SIM at the airport for EU35, unlimited calls, 1000 SMS, and 100GB data. It still has 97.2GB data left, having used it for WhatsApp calls (all the accommodation used it), net browsing, and WiFi hotspotting for the laptops. I’d like to be able to use the remaining data with TIM Brazil while I’m here, don’t know if that is possible? (Sorry for the thread hijack, but Gus started it!) also has a WhatsApp API that is available as part of their SMS, and MMS services. I have used Twilio for SMS messaging for quite a few years. I guess I also use them now for sending emails since they bought SendGrid.

Thanks for the info David. We use T-Mobile so we get 500MB a day for free. T-Mobile worked great We were on a cruise and out of 8 countries only one was not supported.

Where were you in Italy? We will be Milan, Lombardy, and Lucca(Tuscany).

We spent time in Rome, Florence/Pisa and Venice, travelling by fast-train. Hired a people-mover in Venice and drove to Sirmione on Lake Garda for four days. Drove up Mount Baldo (Brazilians wanted to see snow for the first time) until the cliff-face switchbacks got the girls too nervous and they made me turn back.
We were travelling with my disabled sister-in-law, Venice is NOT recommended if travelling with a wheelchair, all those stepped bridges. On the other hand, you get to skip all the queues and get to go straight in at the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica!

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