Semtech/HopeRF LoRa Module library

If anyone wants to try LoRa with NetMF (TinyCLR shortly) I ported my WIndows 10 IoT Core .Net library

Works with Arduino compatible shields from, &

I have the code running on Netduino, ingenuitymicro and just about to pull apart my electric longboard to get a Fez Panda III for testing.

Upload data to Azure IoT Hubs/Azure IoT Central and AdaFruit.IO from embedded devices.



Nice, thanks for sharing

Nice work!!!

I forgot to mention the Windows 10 IoT Core field gateways which make it easy to get data from devices to the cloud.

I’m working on hackster projects similar to my nRF24L01 field gateways

So currently only a couple of “work in progress” GitHub repos

There are also a number *duino and other device sample clients.

We need to convince @Justin to build some RFM69 & LoRa devices :slight_smile:

New Zealand is 915MHz so some EU 868MHz or global 433MHz testing would be helpful.

I’m working on RFM69 library as well.


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um, you don’t know @justin that well then do you. I think those are in the bag already… and if not, pretty close.


Thanks for sharing, very valuable!!
May be that it doesn’t match your quality requirements but there is already a Rfm69 driver for NETMF. For me it works quite reliably.

Did you consider to use Azure Table Storage as a Cloud storage. It’s very cheap. I use it to store a set of Sensor Data every 10 minutes and it costs only about 2 Cents per month.