Semi-standard C# classes not in TinyCLR

As I search online for ways to get my program working, I am finding there are a somewhat standard C# classes not in the TinyCLR offering. Two examples are BitArray and Stopwatch. Can these classes be manually added? If so, how is this done? (Sorry for the newbie question).

Regarding the BitArray issue, I need to convert a short (16 bit integer) variable to a 16 bit array of boolean types. This is a fairly straightforward thing I have done easily on other systems but I can’t seem to get any traction on this issue. I would appreciate any pointers. Thanks.

Is this what you need?

for(int i=0; i<16; i++)
   myboolarray16[i] = (myshort & ( 1<<i )) != 0;
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Thanks Gus. This is working.

Regarding my question on classes / libraries, are the ones included in TinyCLR OS locked? Can anything be manually added.

Also, looking forward what customer support plans does GHI have, other than the user forum and some web tutorials, to help support their TinlyCLR OS? Will there be things like user manuals, videos, webinars, etc and other tools to help new and inexperienced users get up on their feet fast. Just curious. Thanks.

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TinyCLR OS is in development still and we are adding more to it carefully. We want TinyCLR to work on very small devices.

As far as support, we offer multiple channels

As far as videos tutorials, we have some done already TinyCLR Tutorials and more are on the way. Our youtube channel is full of videos as well.

Much more to come, especially once we have version 1.0 out. Meanwhile, we are here ready to help you.

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