Semantic Kernel Demo: Infuse your App with LLM

This is experimental project to explore what features (skills) that can be enabled with LLM through semantic kernel library from Microsoft.

Current Available Skills:

  1. Summarize Text
  2. Create Artistic Image
  3. Generate C# comment
  4. Explain code
  5. Data Generator
  6. Extract Address entities from text
  7. Grammar Correction
  8. Extract Keyword
  9. QnA
  10. Product Name and Logo generator
  11. Quiz Generator
  12. Sentiment Analysis
  13. Translator
  14. Convert Source Code
    and more to come…

Check this out: GitHub - Gravicode/SemanticKernelDemo: Semantic Kernel is library for creating skill with LLM, this is demo app for exploring this library, built with MAUI

hope u like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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