Selling our old machine

Now that we have 2 new modern lines, it is time to say goodbye to our old machine. It has served us well for 15 years. I am sad to see it go…our very first machine!

I was thinking, hey, that’s about the price of a Neoden, but then you have to pay for a minor mountain of feeders, parts, conveyers, solder printer, oven, dry storage, electrician, and a divorce lawyer.

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A $300,000 machine down to $9000. It is a steal :sunglasses:

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Great price, however have no current need…AFAIK.

What I need is a solid/precise way to fix boards which failed in the field for whatever reason.
So solid/precise de-soldering of the part that went bad and solid/precise re-soldering on a new good part.

If you have such equipment to get rid of…let me know.!

If the mentioned machine can do such…interested.!