Selling my GHI products

I have decided to sell all my current GHI main boards and modules.
Want to be ready for the new G120 when it comes out.

Take a look at what i am selling on e-bay.

I believe the cost of the 4.3" display with the PCB was $150.

thanks, i was more surprised to find out they stopped selling it. It was a nice unit.

That is a good deal.

Oh man, if I manage to get $200 together it shall be mine!

This early bird snagged it. Mwahahaha!

Thom, if there was something in particular you wanted, let me know.

I bet you have no idea what to do with it yet but it was too tempting to let go such a deal :wink:

@ Skewworks, ya should have just shot me an e-mail. I know your good for it :wink:

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@ gralin - you are (mostly) correct. I also just got a small gig doing some uC programming, so my gadget budget is a bit more in the green than usual. Woohoo!

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Haha, Ransom you devil!

I was mostly interested in having a backup Cobra but I can always just grab one down the road. Enjoy the spoils of [Ebay] war. :slight_smile:

Sorry man, had i known you were interested in it, i would have just given it to you.

I appreciate it man, no worries

@ jdal - seulaterbuddy? that alias is makin’ me nervous :smiley:

LOL, no worries, i brought it of USPS @ 8:30 am today.
should have it before the weekend.

@ ransomhall, I am surprised it took so long for you to get it. Usually it only takes 2-3 days. Did everything arrive ok ?

Yes, all the goods arrived safely thanks to your awesome packing job. I’ve never quite figured out the post office routine. Sometimes stuff gets here ahead of schedule, sometimes behind. We had super nice weather (actually quite hot) so I wouldn’t have spent much time hiding in my basement lab anyways :wink: I started updating firmware and running some simple test apps last night and everything works great.

@ ransomhall - I’m curious, how many boards with .NET MF do you already have?

@ ansomhall - Great! glad to hear all is well…

@ gralin - enough to begin my plan to takeover the world! mwahahaha!