Self taught Programmer question

I am self taught if I needed to program something I would buy a book and look for examples on the MSDN site. This has worked well until I stupidly convinced the powers that be at my job I could write an application. 2 years later and with no budget and little sleep I have something that works and I am proud of the problem I am having now is all the fun things you have to click through to install a program. VS 2010 Pro has a basic set up but you can not edit how the interface boxes look very much. Is there an add on or third party tool for creating pro looking installers?

This is for a Visual Basic application using GPS ,Microsoft Map Point and SQL server.


I’ve used this in the past:

It does the job but is a separate tool.

create your installer UI the way you want and control the MSI generated installer using command line…(you can embed the generated installer using resources and extract it at run-time)

see this post:


I used this quite a bit in college. Great tool.

NSIS is my favorite.

Wow thanks for the fast response and now I have something new and fun to learn

Don’t use wise installer as it won’t stay fun for long :wink:

VS2010 pro has a free InstallShield version. I use it for my stuff all you have to do is register it.

I am trying both NSIS and the free light install shield. Now I am working on making icons, help files, instructions ahhhh all I wanted to do was write code but I keep finding things I should have thought of but was focused on making every thing work correctly I never even came up with a name for it. Back to Systems Admin for me I think you don’t need make an icon for a script.

Thanks again for everyone’s help