Seeed Studio PCB question

I see that Seeed allows panellization of up to 5 boards.
They specify that you can only separate them via a silkscreen line.
I want to make a Gadgeteer board lets say around 100mm x 25mm give or take with rounded corners etc.
So does that mean that i would have to cut and round all the sub boards myself?

Yes, unfortunately.

I think if you had access to a disc sander, you could stack up boards and round them pretty easily, but cutting them, I dunno. A band saw, maybe?

@ godefroi - my old man uses a pedal operated guillotine for cutting his boards but alas he is 10,000 miles away.
I was hoping i didn’t have to go the drum sander way…o well

Ta for the unwanted answer anyway :slight_smile:

In the printing business they use these wide blades that cut diagonally down on a big table. Something like that should work, but I’d keep my fingers away if I were you :wink:

lol - but in saying that…our main client is Xerox and i get to play in their European lab and i bet they have one in a corner… :whistle: