Seeed GPS Samplingrate

Hello everyone,

I’m searching for a while if it is possible to change to Samplingrate of the Seeed GPS Modul, because I think it costs lots of the limited ressources from the FEZ Spider I have.

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to do this and when it’s possible, how it works?!


you can get the gps driver code from the codeplex site, and the chip documentation from the gps chip vendor. you can then expand the driver functionality.

This sounds very complicated. I hoped there is any easier way…
Do you mean this source ist the right?


Are you refering to this module :

If yes, web site says that you can at least configure it between 1Hz and 5Hz.

I don’t know for this chip specifically (you need to read the doc) but for Sirf GPS chipset, it is even possible to reduce further the frequency of NMEA sentences sent by the chip to the MCU.
This is done by a specific configuration message to send on the serial to the GPS.

EDIT: The above GPS module use a GPSr from U-blox. Software protocol seems to be there

The chip supports setting the speed, but the provided driver does not. The driver is a minimal implementation.

Hey there,
I found another way how to save ressources. I just use the handler the get the nmea-code. the handler “position received” requieres lots of ressources, so I don’t have to change any drivers!
Thanks for your advices!