Seeed Gadgeteer Modules

We are excited to announce that we’ll be cross stocking Seeed’s gadgeteer modules. This will help expand our current list of offerings. GHI will also be including all needed Seeed module drivers right inside the GHI package installer, found at Support – GHI Electronics

Nice to know there will be one installer for all the modules. Hopefully you don’t hit any more of the lengthy customs delays!

Yeah, that oled module looks really interesting. Making up my list for next order. ;D

Speaking of next orders…

It looks like just about everything is in stock now except the module I’ve been waiting on… What’s up with the ENC28 Ethernet modules?

@ Gus, can I update my pivot collection with the new information?



I can not find framework 4.2 driver for Seeed Cellular Radio 1.1 driver with GHI Package.

I have installed all packages from GHI NETMF v4.2 and .NET Gadgeteer Package (10-24-2012).

Also in Seeed Gadgeteer release note in package, Cellular Radio not included; any idea if we would be able to have Seeed Cellular Radio 1.1 driver for framework 4.2 ?

Seeed Gadgeteer release note:

Modules Included:
• Accelerometer
• Barometer
• Compass
• CurrentSensor
• Gyro
• MoistureSensor
• OledDisplay
• PulseOximeter
• Relays
• TemperatureHumidity

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@ User_10473 - Start a new thread please.

Great news. Any ideas about the when ?


The original thread here is 10 months old. Which is why Haseeb was asked to ccreate a new thread. What exactly is your question?