Second I2C on Mountaineer Ethernet board


On the schematics of the Mountaineer Ethernet I see, that socket 4 have I2C bus too.
It there any way to use second I2C bus? I need to create my own class derived from I2CDevice, or do somethig else?


Only one bus is used/enabled in NETMF

Heh… But if I inherit my own class from I2CDevice? Can I use another I2C bus?

You can derive your own class but there is no way to choose the bus. There is only one.

Can I ask why you want a second bus ?

@ Brett - At one bus I have some I2C Grove devices. And at another - I want to use ChronoDot with interrupt pin.
And I know, that I can use for all I2C devices one bus, but want to use two buses :slight_smile:

@ Architect - why I cant use second bus? Because method

uses only one combination of i2c pins?

In the firmware only one set is configured for I2C. NETMF implementation is designed so that there is only one bus. You probably can go around it by changing firmware and adding support for second bus. But again, is it really worth it. You can use 128 devices on the same bus.

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