Searching the GHI website Codeshare section (without success)

Just a quick question, which may be some issue with my browser, but when I select ‘Codeshare’ from the drop down on the GHI website, and enter a search term such as ‘RLP’, I get no results displayed. However, if I cycle through the Codeshare, I see many posts with ‘RLP’ in the title and text. I can select ‘Forum’ or ‘Documents’ and search fine. Anyone else get this?

(Obviously, I can use Google to search Codeshare directly, but would be nice to get it working as intended!)


…and I’ve just worked out how to select ‘Tags’ from the side menu, and filter RLP from there. :-[

Simple string search, would still be useful though.

You should refer to the Search Tips page which will explain how to search the site.

There was an earlier report of three-letter searches not working correctly, seems like that still might be an issue. @ Josh if you see this, can you figure out what’s going on?

Seems like three letter search is working for the forum topics, but not for codeshare.

I just tried both “SPI” and “I2C” for search parameters and it returned multiple pages in the forum Section but nothing in Code Share.

Should be working now.[spi][i2c]


@ Josh - But URL recognition is not working correctly (look at your 2nd URL).

@ Josh -Thanks, that is very much appreciated :slight_smile: