Searching and failing to find articles in CodeShare

I was looking for an I2C CodeShare article that I have referred to before (so I knew it was there) and tried to use the search function. I entered I2C into the search box and it returned nothing. I tried i2c and still nothing. I then started looking through CodeShare a page at a time. After about five or six pages I found the article I was after. It’s title included I2C, as did a tag, so I tried searching for it again and still nothing was returned. I then included the next word in the title of the article I was looking for and searched for I2C EEprom. This time 10+ articles were returned matching at least one search term.

Can anyone shed any light on why the search function didn’t return any articles either titled or tagged with i2c, and yet i2c eeprom return several when at least one of my search terms was found?

I have always been a little disappointed on the codeshare navigation. I think a more structured approach to gathering information from submitters (netmf version, mainboard, snippet or project etc) could be exposed in a more powerful way.

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I think there was a three-letter search issue that was marked as fixed, maybe it’s not ? @ Josh might need to comment

I also think this should be fixed but while this is being done you can try searching with the tag directly and might get the result you want if the author set reasonable tags:

returns some results. At least more than the basic search :wink:

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I think you can use better search query, which provides good article as you need.

Another great was is to let Google do the searching.

TermToSearchFor site:WebsiteAddress

note the word “site” with a colon after it.

put this in your address bar (which is google search), or go and paste it into google search

i2C site: