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Where is the forum search function on this new forum layout?


On the top menu… run your mouse over the word “Forum” there are two sub menu’s “Search” and “Users”

Cheers Ian


Search by user is broken for me. FF latest.


It must have only just stopped working I tried it just after I answered Geir

Josh must be on the rampage again…

Cheers Ian


I’m currently fulfilling all forum requests… stay tuned.


Personally I don’t think having the search function as a drop down in the main portal menu is intuitive at all. :frowning: All functions related to the forum should be available in the main forum interface in my opinion.

Another issue with the search is that in IE8 hitting back will bring you back to the search page but the search input field is blank so one has to type it in again. On Crome it works fine.