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I continue to be frustrated by the search function on this forum.

  1. First, i’ver read that search capabilities were upgraded about a year ago, but don’t see any documentation. Is there any?
  2. Here’s my first question i would look up in the documentation: Is it possible to search for two keywords, as in BOTH (AND) keywords? OR seems default but of course it can churn out huge result lists.

There are some big changes coming. Lets hope search will be better then.

Actually yes, just use + but we agree this need to be documented better and improved further. We got side tracked for a while with GHI main website.

Example search: "fez spider"
Quotes around your search will look for the phrase “fez spider”

Example search: fez spider
This will search for “fez” OR “spider”

Example search: +fez +spider
This will search for posts containing “fez” AND “spider”

Example search: +fez -spider
This will search for posts containing “fez” AND NOT “spider”

Example search: user:425 "fez spider"
Returns posts by Gus that contain the phrase “fez spider”

Other improvements are necessary but this will help some.

  • works? Great. I tried it without results but i realize now that i pushed my luck and tried it with a phrase in quotes as in: keyword1 + “keyword phrase”. Can you search for quoted phrases with “+” ? thanks for the help.

It would be: +keyword1 +"keyword phrase"
You can only include phrases. Using a minus in front of a phrase won’t work.

Hmm. I can’t seem to get it working. I try: +panda + “y socket” but get over 5k results. (I’ve got the relay ISO x16 module with a Y socket and wanting to find out how difficult it would be to connect it to my panda ii, but that’s a different topic.)

When using plus and minus signs you cannot have a space in front of them. Remove the space between + and “y socket”

I did a search for +panda +“y socket” and it returns posts from this topic only.

@ Matt5 you had space between second + and the phrase"y+socket"

Yep, works. Thanks, guys.

Thanks, guys! This is great to know.

It also would be great, if there would be an option to search topics only. Else sometimes search result is so long, that I would another search in the result :slight_smile:

If I search for some module (“RelayISOx16” for example), it would be nice to see only topics, where I can choose the one, which is interesting for me. If I see posts from the same topic, it is confused for me.

But thanks for search :slight_smile:

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