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Search function not working on forum


I have IE8 on Windows 7. Search function was working a day or so ago but now is not. Shows the Error symbol at bottom left of the page. Is it just my computer?


It’s a Javascript error. Getting it in FF, too.

[quote]$(“searchForm”).getChildren is not a function
Line 206[/quote]


No doubt a result of all the work going on lately. The formatting and smiley buttons are not working either…


There was some major update on the server on Friday. We did test as much as we can but I guess we forgot to test the search feature. This will be fixed tomorrow.


Uhh…getChildren function not working! Think of the children! :smiley:

Had to test a smiley to see if I can’t smile for ya either.


Sweet! I can smile! :slight_smile:


The search has been fixed.


Josh, you are awesome! :clap: