SDK version 1.0.13 is online adding RLP, FEZ Panda II and many new features

It is finally here, RLP is now open to everyone using GHI Electronics NETMF devices. RLP (Runtime Loadable Procedures) is a way to load native drivers (C/assembly) right into the C# NETMF system. This gives a large speed boost and also adds a real-time possibilities. RLP technology is very similar to DLLs on Windows.

Not only RLP, the SDK ships with many new features (some were just added and some come from previous beta). Some of them are:

  • Pin mapping for the new FEZ Panda II
  • Joystick support on USB Client
  • Brand new CAN drivers
  • Wiznet networking drivers optimization, up to 3 times faster
  • PinCapture
  • Parallel Port
  • 4KByte storage sector
  • OutputComapre enhancement for generating accurate waveforms

A complete list is available in the release notes