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SDK version 1.0.11 is online


It is finally here, the SDK with full Ethernet support for small FEZes. Not only that, the surprise feature is out. You can now use the USB port for debug and at the same time use it as a virtual serial port. USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartCDC_WithDebugging();
The first one to show a video of this new feature gets 500 points.

Please READ the release notes about changes and known issues.

Due to breaking changes in SDK, installing it will remove GHI’s Visual Studio templates.
To resolve the issue, all previous GHI SDKs must be uninstalled before installing this version.

Edit: The documentation for the new CDC feature is explained under CDC class (USBC_CDC documentation), there is a section at the bottom where it explains CDC + debug and there is a separate driver for them.