SDK Release

We were able to finish the SDK and did some testing on new features. We will be doing more testing over the next few days but we didnt want you to wait.

The SDK is found at (link is removed)

List of fixes and issues are found at GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

If you have firmware update issues then please post in a different thread. This will help us and others track any potential issues quicker.

Just a really minor ask. Can you use YYYYMMDD format for dates ? Much easier to have filenames sorted by age that way !


Wow, thats great. One question:

The release notes stated:

Known Issues:

[ul]DHCP fails with some routers.

Is there a list of routers which has been identified to have a DHCP “problem” and when will this DHCP problem be fixed?

@ Patrick - We have a thread where we listed some of them

Oops, I’ve missed that one! Thx!!

Hi Steven,

please can you check for this issue :


It will be there once everybody is happy with it

Steven already said why this release is here and not on main website :slight_smile:

I will release the new SDK in to the wild tomorrow (to a customer).
For me it works better than 4.2.7 on Cobra (EMX).

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - TE35 and G120HDR on 4.2.7 reboots every 19 minutes aprox … on 4.2.8 TE35 does not work and fires unhandled exception from SPOT.bitmap assembly.

Around TE35&G120 @ Gus says “All should work fine”

Also understand that @ Andre have dhcp issues with EMX?

Can anybody confirm?
Thanks in advance.

Please provide details on what you are doing and what exception you are receiving.

@ Gus - Thanks.

See post #4 on

Oh yes I saw that. Steven is working on it.

We currently use no Display and no DHCP. Static IP only. Our one and only system at a customer is a Cobra (EMX). But in future we will use a custom G120 based board. But our prototype will be available in about 2 weeks.

Thanks to everyone who helped in testing the SDK. We have a good list of needed improvements and fixes. Next SDK should be non-beta, available in about a week.

You have seen my post about the missing dll:
It’s currently a show stopper, so if you have the dll and could send it to me this would be great.

@ Gus - could you please publish or email a list of needed improvements and fixes that you scheduled for the non beta release…

@ Gus - Thanks for share! :slight_smile:

IFU works great with G120. Implemented it with data transfer over ENC28.

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link is removed,
So when the SDK will be released?