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SDK Installation with VS2012.. Templates and Libraries Missing


Hi Everyone,

Just got my Fez Cerb II and excited to start using it. I’ve got VS2012 with Netmf SDK 4.3 (RTM QFE1) installed and then I installed the GHi SDK 2014 R1. I installed everything.not the legacy USB drivers.

I have successfully updated the firmware with the Fez Config via USB. Now when I load VS2012, There are no Fez/GHI templates in the C#/Micro Framework templates. Also, I cannot manually add the libraries/references needed to a Netmf Console Application. They don’t seem to be installed…or in the right place…

Any ideas?



Welcome to the forum.
There are no extra templates for GHI devices. Just use the Console or Windows application or the Gadgeteer Application.

But you should be able to add GHI references to a NETMF console application.
In the Add reference dialog on the tab ‘.NET’ should be everything you need.
Some Mircrosoft.SPOT…, Some System… and several GHI…

If this is not the case for you then you should uninstall the GHI SDK reboot, and install again (VS not running at that time).

And usually the Legacy drivers are not needed anymore, so this is not the problem.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I just right clicked on the Solution in the Solution Explorer, Chose “Add Reference…” then I moved the the browse tab(Because they were not in the .NET tab) I browsed to: [em]C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI OSHW NETMF v4.2 SDK\Assemblies[/em]

and added the DLL files from there.

Why are they not in the .NET tab?


I don’t know why they are not there.
But I think this happens sometimes.
Most of the time it’s solved by reinstalling the SDK.


Thanks! I re-installed the SDK a few times and it didn’t fix it. BUT It seems to be working ok otherwise.


Since you’ve installed the 4.3 release of NETMF and 4.2 of GHI Electronics’ SDK, make sure that you are targeting the correct version of .NET Micro Framework; see the document: