SDI-12 Module

Are there any modules that will read SDI-12 inputs on the Fez boards? If not, how would I go about reading SDI-12 on the Fez?

From my understanding, SDI-12 is essentially just serial communications at the very low baud rate of 1200 bps. What FEZ are you using? I can’t recall if baud rates that low are supported, so perhaps someone else here can clarify.

I’m using the Fez Spider. I’m assuming the board isn’t the issue but rather I don’t have any module that I can use to do the connection. I’m new to the SDI-12 stuff so I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Assuming that SDI-12 is merely a glorified form of 1200 bps RS-232, you can probably start with something like this: