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As there appears to be nothing documenting the connection of the SD card for the G400 I dug through the Fez Raptor schematic and see that it connects to PD7 on that board.

Can I assume that this is the pin that is used in the firmware to detect the presence of the SD card?

I currently have it on PB15 (pin 159) as this is the same pin that was used with the old ChipworkX.


On the G400Header PB8 is located on pin3 of the “F” connector. But i guess the firmware does not rely on detecting the presence of a SD card by checking the logic state of a pin.
For the G120 it was recommended to place a resistor of 1Meg from DA3 to ground.


OK. It was a directory failure. I wasn’t running in debug to begin with.

It was still set for SD_SPI but once changed to SD it now works.

Phew… BUT I am still not modding the other 3 until I need them. :slight_smile: