Sd card partition

If there is a second partition on sdcard with which Endpoint boots, is there a way to read/write on it ? Could it be FAT32 ?

There are multiple positions but not FAT32.

Throw the card on your machine and add a FAT32 partition. Our image doesn’t allocate the entire card.

Yes that’s what I’ve done but now, how to access it ?

On win11 - I am using balenaEtcher, portable version, no need setup and happy with it.
On Win10 - I am using Win32 Disk Imager.

I think I expressed myself badly: the endpoint os partition has been put with Win32 Disk imager (on win 11) and everything is good.
On this sdcard (as a lot of space is free) I create another partition with FAT32.

When card is inserted in Endpoint (to boot with os), is there a way to access the second partition in FAT32 too ?

Yes, there is already 7 partitions, if you add one more it will be 8th

here is code:

var newdrive = GHIElectronics.Endpoint.FileSystem.Mount("/dev/mmcblk1p8");
var file_name = newdrive + "/newdrive.txt";

File.WriteAllText(file_name, "Test new drive!");



Have fun!

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Those three words call for a bit more documentation. Yes, I know how, but it seems like a pretty useful thing to document.


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