SD Card not recognized

I’m running a program that reads a bunch of assets off of an SD card on startup and then runs the app, but I just had a SITCore module fail on a customer due to it being unable to read from the SD card module. I originally assumed it was the SD card itself, took another module out of stock, formatted it identically to the one in question, loaded software onto it and dropped it into the same carrier board and it worked fine. I know this isn’t exactly stack exchange worthy, but it literally just…stopped working.

This may be a short answer, but should I just chalk this up to a hardware failure? I’m not exactly sure what’s happening under the hood, but is there something else I should be looking for? I just want to find the root cause of the failure so we don’t have more failures out in the field.

If you format the old card and try it again it will still not work? Will that card in question work on PC but not on SITCore?

can you please tell us what fw version, please? release.

I will give that a try and update my results.

That is too old. Please try latest one. There is a fixed about SD.

Perfect thank you.


We have not seen this with SITCore, perhaps because we have yet to send SITCores into the field.

We have hundreds of G120 devices in the field and have seen some small percentage of failures of this type. Some failures were rooted to the SD card holder, some were rooted to trying to write debug info to SD card just prior to detecting reboot, i.e. fragging the SD card in attempts to retrieve debug info. We use both software and hardware watchdogs. The hardware watchdog probably triggered when we were writing debug info to the SD card.

Is there anything inherently different between the mechanics of SITCore/tinyCLR OS and G120/netMF v4.3.8.1 …?

It is safe to say that are very different and very similar, in bits and pieces. SD corruption can happen even on the PC, making it very hard to determine how. This is FAT by design. Do you only read in field?

We read/write here in dev/test also…but have yet to uncover the root cause.
Such is low on priority list, but if ya’all have turned over a rock that could help us bear upon, i.e. more help the better.

We are getting hit with orders and will need to place another order atop the last board order that should arrive within the month.

Prefer order to be all SITCore…just swamped.

We a here to help 24/7 so hit us with questions.

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10-4…thanks is the latest available production release and I am leery to do any software fixes on beta firmware versions. Do you have an estimate on when the next production firmware including this fix will be released?

Next one will be a release candidate. Production after that. So a couple of months. We are not pushing dates. We are focused on quality.

Did you try latest one and see any different?