SD Card module for G400 TH

Is MicroSD card breakout board from adafruit [url][/url] will work with G400 TH?

@ EvoMotors - look at the schematic for a G400 based gadgeteer board and the SD module. see how they connect, and compare with adafruit board. You should be able to answer your question.

No as this is using SPI. The one from Sparkfun may be but you will have to add the required capacitors.

But then again this is a SD and not a microSD.

Better off to use a GHI SD Module as I can confirm that it works.

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So where can I get the 4-bit microSD module for it? The one from GHI is SD not microSD. Looks like microSD from GHI is Discontinued…

I think I found one on eBay but it’s from China and will take forever get get it


It’s funny, I just found one “Factory sealed, never opened.” GHI MicroSD module on eBay.