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Sd-card fezzer sample help


On the SD-card detect fezzer sample for cobra. Can someone figure out how to change this line to work with Domino/Other:

private InterruptPort interrupt = new InterruptPort((Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Interrupt.IO33
//, true, Port.ResistorMode.PullUp, Port.InterruptMode.Int...


I don’t think card detection is hooked up on domino. I don’t see it from schematics.


There is no card detect pin on the socket but I believe GHI provides a method to detect the card by sensing its data pins.


like this?


Yeah, that’s it.


Yes. Like that. However we (all) need an event driven method for same. You could poll on a thread calling DetectSDCard(), but that is kinda a hack IMHO. Can someone with more exp in this area do a sample on fezzer using data pins and event to do same? tia