Sd card error and alfat


Let’s suppose SD Card gets bad, bad scetors or something. How will ALFTAT chip know that

  1. SD Card has gone bad?

  2. How will it can inform the user that SD card is no useable anymore?

  3. Will ALFAT generate any error , if it does that how can be this error handled?


The returned error code is all you should always check. It will not detail the error but will let you know if things are not working properly.

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I found error codes on page 45 of the user manual. Please help me understand this

SD Card does not work right for some reason. It reports it back to ALFAT chip. Then ALFAT Chip generates an appropiate error that matches the error generated by SD Card.
Now, how can I read this error from ALFAT chip. Do I need to interface another microprocessor with it.


How are you sending data to ALFAT.