Screen bezels

You have asked for screen bezels for FEZ Portal and we agreed. However, there are multiple needs here as many of our commercial customers make custom front panels with logos and info.

While you can 3D print those for low volumes, we did a quick search and there are some options like this one

I still want to 3D print my own but I suck at 3d designs. Hoping they community will hello me out. @Justin you are a 3D master. Can you help?

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Sure - send me some specs on the back of a fag packet and i’ll see what i can muster up.

Done. Check your email :wink:

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Challenge accepted :cowboy_hat_face:


Send to me too, I want to have a go too. :wink:
I design mine in Fusion 360 and then either mill them directly on the closure or from acrylic sheet or I get them 3D printed. 3DHUBS does a great job of the 7" IPS ones I use on the data loggers and plan to use with the SITcore (eventually). I can also 3D print them myself as I just invested in a 3D printer for making small projects and small mountings etc.
This one is part acrylic machined on the CNC and part 3D printed at home. Air quality monitor.


I have a 3D printed snap top case just waiting on the final board hole placements and cut out locations. Once finalized and tested I would be more then willing to share the Fusion 360 files.

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