SCM20260N-C is non stocked at Mouser

Is there a reason that the SCM260260N is showing as a non-stocked item at Mouser?

I’ve ordered some SCM20260E modules to build some interface with by I also have a legacy interface with the SCM20260N. I know Digikey sells them but I don’t have an account with Digikey.

An error on their website

Hi. We tried to buy 500 x SCM-20260N-C from Mouser but they are out of stock with an estimated lead time of 22 weeks.
We plan to purchase more than 2.000 units during 2021, besides the 500 units we need now.

Would it be possible for you to shorten the lead time?

Normal lead time is 8 weeks, not sure why 22! We will check. You can also buy direct from us if you like.


Thanks a lot Gus. I’ll pass your answer to my people.