SCM-20100E-B availability

Mouser is showing 0 stock and estimated July 5, 2021 delivery, is that legit? :cry:

It shouldn’t be July but sadly the electronics market is going crazy everywhere.

crud. . . :sob:


Long lead times on many items just now. I had to check stock this week for a quote and 10% of what I needed was out of stock and lead times as long as Jan 2022.

Yea, I know the global electronics supply chain is well and truly hosed. I just privately hoped it wouldn’t affect my tiny world, but alas it has in a very big way. Customer waiting for products that I can’t ship for 2 to 3 months. Argh!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Not mad at anyone, there is no “one” person to be mad at. Just frustrating.

Checked and hundreds shipped to mouser recently. So they are either not showing stock yet or someone keeps buying them… I do not blame whoever keeps on buying them :smiley: they are very nice!


@Gus_Issa do you have stock? just in case mouser goes dry again, 3 month wait is a long time i need to buy in advance in that case.

Like I keep saying, lead time is not three months! And the forum is not best place to discuss orders.

I found some at Arrow:

Digi-Key too:

Why didn’t I know this? I am braindead some days. Sorry @Gus_Issa that I raised the issue without doing more checking on my end.

Of course with supply chains so messed up, I won’t count on them until they are sitting on my desk.