Science project time

The boy is sending this years effort off to manufacture at the 11th hour - hopefully, it will bing, bong and rattle as expected :cowboy_hat_face:


but wait, tell us what it’ll do !

Considering the form of suppository, I prefer not to know.

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I will definitely vibrate :slight_smile: and like @Bec_a_Fuel said I prefer not to know either :slight_smile:

I better not say then :yum:

hmm, seems that might be a display or something on the “back” side? (bottom image)

Very similar to a fitness tracker. :thinking:

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You guys are pulling the legs right? :smiley:

Woo hoo it’s off to the builders!

It is a vibrator with heuristic capabilities?

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@Mike, yes but with wifi and bluetooth connectivity.

I persist: it’s a giant suppository, intended to crush fecalomas.
The plate underneath is a Peltier device to heat the excrements and facilitate their evacuation.

The suppository communicates its position and the crushed quantity in real time via Bluetooth . The Android application allows you to control the fineness of the grinding, by regulating the speed of the motor, as well as the speed of progress.

A Flash memory is present to memorize the trip and a fast reverse gear (which will use the memorized trip) is provided in case of emergency.

I’m quite sure I’m not far from the truth… :nerd_face:


I thought only my mind was wired wrong… I appear to be very wrong again…

This is more or less what the gentlemen in white coats say when they put on me the shirt with the sleeves that are attached to the back :crazy_face:

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it’s a “Get out of my aura bitch warning device” :sweat_smile:

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Parts to complete the puzzle are beginning to arrive :grinning:


It looks bigger in Altium :rofl:


looks like a vibration motor…

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but damn small one ! Cheap Thrills much @Justin?

It’s good for 10,000 rpm so giggles all round :slight_smile: