School science fair

That time of year again… this years IoT focused NETMF based device in Gucci matte black…

Go on…name as many parts as you can :slight_smile:


Not naming parts, but IMO, you have a remote, battery powered, IOT device, using cellular, to monitor a digital input.

In this case shown, the digital device is an e-stop…could be anything with NO/NC contact closure(s).

Is device something to go to market?
If so, we are always looking for devices of like for our market space.

Where are you from?

Yes it is battery powered.

Yes it is IoT but this one is not Cellular but what it talks to is.

Yes it has an e-stop panic button but thats a minor function.

The real use case is U7 for the main functionality plus U9 for secondary.

This device will evolve slightly to v2 which is entended for market.

Based in New Zealand


hmmm my eyes are too stuffed to see #’;s

How about now?

I see you are using those lovely OKI-78SR switching power supplies from Murata. I use them all the time as 7805 type drop in replacements. Great for when your input supply is +12 to +36V and they generate hardly any heat when dropping +24V to +3.3V. The output is also very stable and needs no additional capacitors either. Way cheaper than the Recom or Traco equivalents.

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@Dave_McLaughlin, That’s some specialist knowledge there.

Yup, great devices as Dave mentions.

The boys finished Science Fair board.

NETMF powered dodah for monitoring if a Quad bike rolls and if it does it sends GPS cords back to home via LoRa.


hope you got an acknowledgement :wink:

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Did you have to type that part of the presentation as well?

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Nah, made him do all that :rofl:

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so you only had to lay that part out (as well :slight_smile: )

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