Schematics for the 3-pin eblocks


Is the schematics for the 3pin eblocks available? I would for example like to use a piezo in my application, as i am building my own circuit boards it would be a very waste of space to use the e-blocks and not integrate them into the board.

I know they are very simple though, but it would save a lot of time not having to reinvent the wheel for so simple circuits :slight_smile:

No schematics, sorry but the JST pinout is attached

Look at the datasheet for various buzzers. There is a typical schematic usually at the end of the document.

Like this one for example:

Yes, i have seen that, however there is no transistor in the version that GHI supplies, and it does also include a capacitor. Is there maybe an RC-Filter on the piezo e-block?

The EMX and ChipWorkX Development systems, sold by GHI, have all sorts of buttons, piezos and other goodies attached. To figure out how to wire up something, checkout the schematics for these boards.

Look at this schematic for the FEZ-Robot… the Piezo speaker is on Pin An0/Di14, is in series with a 10uF/16v Capacitor… it should work for your design, try it out on a bread board with PWM; to make diffirent sounds. The ( - ) side of speaker goes to ground lead, and the ( + ) with Cap should go towards the “Signal” lead.

Awesome! Thanks!