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Schematic for Motor Control Board


I am looking for the schematic for the DC motor control shield which I recently purchased from your company.

I want to be able to power the motors from a separate power supply from the Domino board and I see there are pads on the board for PWR and GND, but I want to verify the connections and eliminate any feedback to the Domino.



As far as I know, the GHI shield works the same as the ardumotor shield.

The shield’s power is gained from the FEZ board (+5v, GND) and the motor power is gained from the external power supply.

I have even checked:

you can simultainuously connect both the USB and the external power at the same time without any problems…:wink:

Good luck. You can still wait for the schematic though…


Sorry this took few minutes to get to you but we had problem with our FTP server!


Great, I can use both USB and connect a separate PWR supply to the Domino and that will power the motors separately. That way I can Debug while motors are connected.

Thanks all!



Yes, you can! Good luck!