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Schematic E_Dice?


is there somewhere the schematic ?
I can’t find it :frowning:

i want to know if the interrupt pins from the accelerometer are available



@ VB-Daniel - tomorrow sir


@ VB-Daniel - The schematic for the E-Dice is on the mbed Wiki. Here is the direct link:

The other schematic and board files for the other Outrageous Circuit products can also be found on their respective Wiki pages under the heading Schematics and Eagle Files.


I interrupt pins found.
Now I lack only c ++.
In my bookshelf, the solution is available. For a long long time … :-[
Let’s begin to have fun



1998 and never opened :slight_smile:


I thought that was pretty awesome and it inspired me to start opening boxes in the garage!


*var ->var &var
I know why I then put the book on the shelf …
I miss my VB already now.