Schematic drawings for gadgeteer modules and boards

Hi all

I am preparing a DIY aluminum plate in order to install all the modules I have so I can install it on my quadcopter :slight_smile:
I wonder, can anyone point me to drawings of the outline of the modules? I need something in order to “mix and match” on the available surface. I drew the plate in PowerPoint and I want to place them. The Exact dimensions and screw places are extremely important.


All holes are on 5mm grid. Make it any size you want to fit all your modules.

Architect, thanks.
Is there anywhere I can get a 2D schematics of the outer shape of the modules?

On the codeplex site each module has Hardware folder. Inside you will find eagle files.

Also check module builder guide here

Each module follows the standard described at the above link.

Any ideas as to a lightweight Eagle file viewer?

Eagle has free version.

You don’t really need Eagle. The size of the module is very easy to calculate.

We know that holes are on 5mm grid. So lets say they are 15mm apart in one dimension. Rounded corners are 7mm in diameter. The total length of that dimension will be 15mm+7mm=22mm.

The holes itself are 3.2mm in diameter.

Another perhaps easier option is to do your layout in Sketchup using the 3D models…

Thanks. Ianlee74, just what I needed.