SC20100S Ethernet

Hi Guys,

I bought some SC20100S microcontrollers and I am going to design a PCB with SC20100S, and I have a problem.

The SC20100S contains ethernet pins.

  • 46: ETH_RX_ER
  • 47: TH_TX_EN
  • 51: ETH_TXD0
  • 52: ETH_TXD1
  • 32: ETH_RXD0
  • 33: ETH_RXD1

I would like to use J0011D01BNL ethernet connector.
How can I connect the SC20100S with the ethernet connector?
Because I didn’t find any schematic for SC20100S ethernet connection.

I found the ethernet schematic of SCM20260D, but I don’t know it is usable for SC20100S.

Can anybody attach a schematic of (SC20100S/J0011D01BNL)?
If the schematic of SCM20260D and SC20100S are same, which pin is which because the naming is different.


You can’t. Those pins go to a PHY chip. We recommend you use SCM20100E module.

If you want to do it yourself, then here is the schematic

Okay I see, thank you!