SC13048Q oscillator

I noticed that the schematics that use SC13048Q pins OSC IN / PH0 and OSC IN / PH1 are not connected to a crystal. The PICO seems to me that the signals are brought to the connector.

  • So SC13048Q doesn’t need the quartz and capacitors?
  • In which cases is it better to use it?
  • Does everything work even without an external oscillator?
  • Especially CAN suffer from the lack or not?
    Thank you

Depends on what you need. If you use CAN in your project then recommend adding external one.

When no external xtal detected, SC13 switches to internal one. STM32L4 has an improvement about internal RC, much more stable for USB, RNG and SDMMC than before.

Yes, everything work including CAN. But adding external is recommended if you need more accurate.

Needs external crystal if this is important to you.