Saying goodbye to an old friend!

Today is a :frowning_face: sad day at GHI, we are forced to say goodbye to very old and dear friend. Earlier this year we were informed that we could no longer get a raw part that is crucial to the manufacturing of EMX. So, with sadness in our hearts we must announce the end-of-life of EMX as well as give you one last chance to own this masterpiece and a piece of GHI history.

The last time buy deadline is May 1st, 2018. For our commercial customers that are utilizing the EMX in a product today, the recommended replacement is the G120E* (* Consult Data Sheet for compatibility). The link below is the Preliminary EMX to G120E Upgrade Guide. If you have any questions, please email us at or just ask away in the forum like you always do. Thank you all for understanding.


@Ross_Sheleh Just don’t say good bye to the G30 or I’ll be out of a job lol

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Ignore the forum tomorrow!

@Gary_Beaver why tomorrow? April 1st is still a ways off lol

With Ross you never know what is going to be posted next, but ssshh, don’t tell him I said anything.

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